Is there anything more satisfying than growing your own food? Cooking dinner with vegetables freshly pulled from your garden. Sharing homegrown produce with family and friends. Giving someone a bouquet of flowers that you’ve cultivated and cut yourself.

These are experiences that everyone should be able to have.

Watching a plant grow from a tiny seed is magical, yet this experience is in jeopardy from climate change and corporate consolidation. In just 80 years, 93% of agricultural crop diversity has disappeared. Some of the plants best adapted to extreme weather conditions are being lost forever.

The seed industry is broken – but we want to change that.

Rachel Post started Lusan in 2021 to help revolutionise the seed industry. Rachel was raised on a family farm in the heart of Central New York. She watched her parents and grandparents steward the land and grow the plants and animals that feed our community. Farmers like Rachel’s family proudly maintain certain traditions – but struggling to source and purchase seeds shouldn’t be one of them!

We want to make it easier for you to find and purchase seeds online. We want to help you:
• Easily search across multiple seed company websites
• Find rare plant varieties
• Identify which plants are best for your geographic location
• Support the independent growers and farmers that follow high labour and agricultural standards

Here at Lusan, we believe everyone should be able to grow their own seeds. So let’s get started together.


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